• CNC milled from high-strength aluminum
  • Elegant anodised surface
  • The adjustability offers the right ergonomics for every rider
  • Secure grip due to knurling
  • Enables increased tilting freedom
  • Carbon heel protectors included in delivery
  • Sportier ergonomics
  • Reverse shifting pattern possible
  • Developed for use on the race track
  • An absolute must for every ambitious biker
  • Highest quality workmanship
  • High-quality look
  • Laser-engraved logo
  • Visual highlight with technical and ergonomic added value
  • Race look
  • Adjustable to 12 different positions
  • Standard position of the footpegs is the same like on the serial footpeg system
  • Can be moved 24 mm upwards and also 8,5 mm or 17 mm backwards
  • The complete footpeg system can be twisted 12° upwards by using the alternative mounting point on the frame. This gives you more positions for the footpeg
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This part fits on:

1290 Super Duke /R/EVO


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